Strathurie was established in in 2018 but it’s origins go back to 2006. Firstly let me introduce myself. I’m Craig, co-founder of Strathurie, along with my wife, Ann. Born and raised in Scotland but during my early working life, my background in engineering and manufacturing would take me further afield.

 In 2006 we started the design and manufacture of our own ladies fashion accessories; primarily handbags, purses, scarves and jewellery, with the aim bringing quality items at an affordable price.

In 2015 we toyed with the idea of using our experience and combining it with our love of Scotland to try and come up with branding that we could not only sell in Scotland, but also promote to the rest of the world.  In 2018, Strathurie was born.

April 2nd Update

Due to the increase in size of our website, we’ve now moved to hosting by Siteground and honestly can’t speak highly enough of them.

We had the option of using their own wordpress plugin to complete the transfer ourselves but instead opted to pay a small fee and have them to it for us. The staff were friendly and very precise regarding the information they required and it took less that 24 hours.

Seriously, give them a try.


April 19th Update

Patiently waiting on retail opening in a weeks time.


"strathurie scottish ladies fashion scarf handbag glove cape in luxurious wool tweed cashmere in tartan check plaid design. inspired by the lochs of scotland"

"luxurious supplier and manufacturer"